our focus

Discovery Days is a ministry of Chapel Rock Christian Church created to enhance a preschool-age child's development and support the child's family through prayer, encouragement, and introduction to Chapel Rock Christian Church.

our Philosophy

  • We believe God created each child as a unique and special individual.
  • We believe young children develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
  • We believe biblical teaching is part of the developmental process for young children.
  • We believe children learn best in a developmentally appropriate setting.
  • We believe no child should be excluded on the basis of sex or race.

our objectives

  • To build a foundation for a lifetime love of learning in each child
  • To foster positive self-esteem and a sense of uniqueness in each child
  • To guide each child to learn appropriate behavior when interacting with other children and adults
  • To provide a safe, controlled, and stimulating environment for young children
  • To expose each child to developmental activities using gross and fine motor skills and readiness skills in language arts, math, science, health, safety, social studies, art and music
  • To aid in the spiritual development of each child through biblical teaching and prayer
  • To partner with the parents to address concerns, needs, and progress for each child
  • To minister to the entire family though prayer, Christian love and a warm welcome to Chapel Rock Christian Church

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